Promoting a culture of Learning, Respect and Innovation

Support, not challenge each other

  • Team members should be helping each other. Simply challenging team members every time undermines their efforts and can be demoralizing

Know that your team members are people, with emotions, aspirations and goals. If you treat them with respect and give them the benefit of doubt, they will return the courtesy and it leads to a positive learning environment.

Instead of saying

“You said this would work, but it doesn’t”

rephrase it as

“Looks like it doesn’t appear to work. Can we find out what’s going on and can I help?”

Aim for progress, not perfection

Just like most things in life are not black and white, but somewhere in the gray area, in between, most projects can never be perfect. There’s nothing wrong in aiming for perfection, but understand that progress made by your team members needs to be recognized, just as much as investing time in areas that do not appear to succeed.

Incentivize communication about the bad and the ugly

If you always want your teams to bring good news to you and you never want to hear them complain about the bad and the ugly, by design your teams will hide all the bad and the ugly and become bearers of only good news. This hides potential problems that you need to know before those problems come back to bite you.