About me

I’m an experienced Technologist obsessed with building high performance teams and delivering quality Software. I’m passionate about learning and have a great admiration for the philosophy of Open Source Software in the context of growing together and making human knowledge available to everyone else for the benefit of all. I apply pragmatic approaches towards Software Architecture, DevOps, Product Development and Program Management (among other things in life). People are very important to me. As a leader, it’s important to not just talk the talk but also walk the walk about taking a conscientious approach towards building a great culture that fosters creativity. It’s good to have great goals but it’s more important to focus on refining the process and always put people first. Results will then automatically follow.

I currently work as an Associate Director at UBS leading the technology transformation within Wealth Management Americas – QA. I also serve as an Officer in the U.S Army as a Health Services System Manager. I support and mentor OCT units (Observer, Coach, Trainer) within the Army specializing in Health Information Technology.