Annual Training Highlights, Aide to DCG – 99th Readiness Division (2023)

Nearly 190,000 Army Reserve Soldiers and 11,000 Civilians are present in all 50 States, five U.S. territories, and deployed to 23 countries around the world. The Army Reserve contains nearly half of the Army’s maneuver support and a quarter of its force mobilization capacity at only 6% of the total Army budget.

The Joint Force cannot deploy, fight, and win without the Army Reserve. The Army provides the bulk of sustainment and enabling forces to other services, and most of these enabling forces reside in the Army Reserve.

Army Reserve at a Glance

These soldiers train continually to stay combat ready (typically on a weekend every month and a 2 week culminating Annual Training) and be ready to be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed.

This article provides a glimpse of my Annual Training as an AIDE-DE-CAMP (ADC) to the DCG of 99th Readiness Division in 2023. Being an ADC is a fantastic learning opportunity as I get to serve and shadow a senior leader in the Army. For 2023, Annual Training activities included taking the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), Rifle Qualification (M9 and M16), Completing Medical Readiness tasks, Training (Hands on and Classroom instruction), Planning activities and shadowing the DCG for public events.

Here are some highlights!

↑ Getting ready for Rifle Qualification at the Zeroing Range. After drawing my rifle, I had to calibrate my Rifle to ensure that my grouping is within 4 MOA (Minute of Angle)

↑ Working on the new Qualification Table with Popup targets. The new Qual table is a bit challenging and a bit more realistic. I didn’t give up until I got qualified! The more time I spend at the range, the better I get at shooting!

↑ Training at MSTC

↑ 99th Readiness Division Command Group, Location: National Constitution Center (on Army Birthday June 14th, 2023)

(From Left to Right) Pubic Affairs Officer Major Edwards, CG of the 99th Major General Faulk, DCG of 99th Brigadier General Salisbury, Aide to DCG 1LT Batchu

↑ Skydive with American flag to celebrate Army’s Birthday (Flag Day). Orchestra played by an Army Band for the event.

↑ Veterans in Historic Uniforms

↑ Naturalization Ceremony for New Citizens. Brigadier General Beth Salisbury presided over the event.

Location: Betsy Ross House

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