AMEDD 70B Track Phase

The 2 week 70B Track phase began on the following Monday after Graduation Day from core BOLC. Each platoon formed an independent Task Force (TF). So my platoon had 8 people, which is nice.

Week 1

On Day 1, we formed up at ROC Drill Facility for a full day of briefs, training on MEDEVAC, Platoon Leader responsibilities.

On Day 2, the entire training BN assembled in the Parade field at 0445 for a brief on ACE and upcoming Christmas Holiday Block leave. At 0850, our TF assembled in the original PLT classroom in the MedCOE building. We received an OPORD, reviewed the AHS basics.

On Day 3, we reviewed FMSWeb, Property Accountability and Medical Maintenance in the morning. Our instructor Mr. Wright showed us how to look up units, pull apart personnel (roles and equipment) belonging to a unit (especially medical platoon and medical equipment), identify units a Medical platoon supports and vice versa. We were given an OPORD earlier and our Task force is responsible for supporting a CAV BCT. So we looked up the CAV BCT in FMSWeb, identified the elements of the Medical platoon including the equipment assigned to it. We then identified all the units that the Medical Platoon needs to support. We put them on a piece of paper, did a breakdown of the units we need to support and then created a plan for building a Medical Platoon and allocate resources (BAS -> Treatment Team A TTA, TTB, Evac/Ambulance squad, HHC section).

On Day 4, we started with PT at 0525 in the PT field across MEDCOE bldg. Later, the entire 70B student team assembled at the ROC Drill facility in Classroom 3 at 0750 for class on JCB (Friendly force tracker i.e messaging, overlays, route creation, reporting eg: MEDEVAC, SPOT etc.). In the afternoon we had a class on MC4.

On Day 5, We were given a brief on Mission Analysis. We were also given a Division and a Brigade OPORD including a couple of Annexes. In the afternoon, we built the most of a 24×24 terrain model in the middle of the ROC Drill Auditorium.

Week 2

On Day 1, We presented our Mission Analysis in groups of two in the morning. Each group took about 30 min. The presentation included offering a Mission Statement, providing a Terrain AO (Area of Operation) overview at the DIV and BDE level, present information about the terrain, Medical Threats, Facts, Assumptions and Constraints. We then completed the Terrain model in the afternoon.

On Day 2, We received a brief on Mission Analysis in the morning. In the afternoon, we worked on developing a primary COA (Course of Action) and an alternative.

On Day 3, We were supposed to present in groups the Terrain model orientation and the Medical plan. But after the first group began presenting, the instructor canceled the rehearsal session and gave us time to further develop the COA as we didn’t have enough time this week on planning.

On Day 4, We continued to develop the COA (focusing in on Mission Analysis) in groups of two. We were given a deadline to turn in the COA MA Slide deck by 2000. The instructor created a COA presentation schedule for the following day.

On Day 5, each group of two began giving a COA brief, orientation of the Terrain Model and a detailed walkthrough of one of the phases of the operation. There were five phases in the OPORD that we received and we had to pick one to present. Team presentations began at 0700 and each team took about 40 to 60 min to present. Presentations were complete by around Noon. All the platoons were then tasked to clean up the facility, sanitize our premises and then collect the BOLC certificates. We had already signed off on the Academic Evaluation Reports. Few of the students got in to trouble for returning back to the base past curfew during pass days. They unfortunately received bad AERs. Everyone started flying out or started driving back to their home.

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