2021 – Capital Markets and Wholesale Banking: The cutting-edge for trading and risk apps


AI technologies are transforming what is already established as the most innovative area of financial IT. But it is also the most heavily regulated, with a complex mix of global compliance and software risk is increasingly under scrutiny. We’ll be looking at how AI, machine learning and related data management requirements are shaping the future of software development.

  • How specialist AI teams are interfacing with developers and QA.
  • Data management for testing AI-driven apps
  • The regulatory and market drivers of change in enterprise quality management
  • Testing and QA for trading, risk and liquidity management systems



Justyn Trenner, Director, QA Media, Consultant to Fintechs, Non-Exec, Trustee and Advisor


Taha Jaffer, Head of Wholesale Banking and Global Treasury AI – Scotiabank

Prashanth Batchu, Associate Director – UBS

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